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VERNISSAGE JUNE 30, 2023 at 20.00H 


Kambach & Wesseling

Sandstiege 12 in Nordhorn / Germany

When photography and paintin
g go together:
Petra Beckers - Photography
Arnold Voet - Paintings


Impressions from the Brabant Art Fair

A successful weekend at the BRABANT ART FAIR in Tilburg/NL in March!

A lot of people at the stand, one picture sold during the fair and two pictures with a few weeks after the show.

And last but not least: I received an award from JaKunst for innovative art! I am one of the 40 who are selected each year from 500 artists 

>>>OUT NOW <<<

2023 RELEASE !


MUSIC:                                Chris Beckers

CAMERA:                           Chris Beckers

CAMERA:                           Petra Beckers

PHOTOGRAPHY:           Petra Beckers

VIDEO EDITING:              Chris Beckers

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