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Ce N'est Pas Un Ville

Seeking and finding beauty and aesthetics also in places and moments where you would not expect it, for example in a pandemic city or in the remnants of a dilapidated industry, left overs from a rich past in a once rich region.  That is what I am looking for.


Life in the 20s of the 21st century has something unreal: pandemic, lockdowns, deserted megacities, times of war, climate crisis.  How else could I express my impressions and feelings in pictures rather than to create a new, invented and sometimes exaggerated reality by using real photos that come from my hand? It was the most logical step to bring the already surreal reality of my original street photos and series from the years 2020 - 2022 together in collages and I recomposed my photos in such a way that they show a ‘new’ world which never existed in this form.  The people are real, the buildings, lights, facades as well, it all just never was there in front of my camera as now shown in my photo collages.


Could I have found a more appropriate name for this new work than CE N'EST PAS UN VILLE!? It looks like a city, but it is, it was and it remains fictional.



Just as it is the case with my street series, the new work is in color. 

Printed work is available in limited editions.

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