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How Surrealism Rises inTimes of Pandemic


What makes a city?  The buildings? The architecture?  Or the people? What happens to a metropole when her people are absent?  Yet visible and tangible everywhere!   Not a single soul on the way but one can see traces of human beings on every street corner.  


An abandoned chair, a discarded couch.  Even a neon signpost on a completely empty square with the warning to maintain the 1.5-meter distance.  


Or a graffiti art piece on a concrete wall. The inviting red lights in the Red-Light District – who do they want to seduce?  And who goes window shopping in a fancy street like the Leidsestraat? What will the future bring?  One thing seems to be sure: the virus will stay.  And the 'new normal' will probably never fully return to the 'old normal'.

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